Modest dresses for women. Elegant and casual. Nursing and maternity friendly.


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Drop waist Cupro maxi dressDrop waist Cupro maxi dress
Drop waist Cupro maxi dress
Sale price$200.00
Wrap Tencel Turquise dressWrap Tencel Turquise dress
Wrap Tencel Turquise dress
Sale price$175.00
Pleated Teal dressPleated Teal dress
Pleated Teal dress
Sale price$159.00
Cupro high-low side buttons dressCupro high-low side buttons dress
Cupro high-low side buttons dress
Sale price$190.00
Drawstring neck dressDrawstring neck dress
Drawstring neck dress
Sale price$159.99
Scrunched Button Down dressScrunched Button Down dress
Scrunched Button Down dress
Sale price$170.00
Linen gathered waist dressLinen gathered waist dress
Linen gathered waist dress
Sale price$160.00
Round bottom rib dressRound bottom rib dress
Round bottom rib dress
Sale price$140.00
Cupro A-line placket dressCupro A-line placket dress
Cupro A-line placket dress
Sale price$190.00
Texture gathered bottom dressTexture gathered bottom dress
Texture gathered bottom dress
Sale price$185.00
Puffy scrunched sleeve dressPuffy scrunched sleeve dress
Puffy scrunched sleeve dress
Sale price$150.00
Smock Lilac maxi dressSmock Lilac maxi dress
Smock Lilac maxi dress
Sale price$169.99
Lace waisted Sky dressLace waisted Sky dress
Lace waisted Sky dress
Sale price$160.00
Nipped Waist Cupro dressNipped Waist Cupro dress
Nipped Waist Cupro dress
Sale price$179.00
Cotton wrap Orchid DressCotton wrap Orchid Dress
Cotton wrap Orchid Dress
Sale price$160.00
Tencel Mint maxi lace dressTencel Mint maxi lace dress
Tencel Mint maxi lace dress
Sale price$190.00
Cotton Godet Pink dressCotton Godet Pink dress
Cotton Godet Pink dress
Sale price$139.99
Scrunched top Pleated dressScrunched top Pleated dress
Scrunched top Pleated dress
Sale price$230.00
Satin wrap pleated Blush DressSatin wrap pleated Blush Dress
Satin wrap pleated Blush Dress
Sale price$229.99
Satin Flare dressSatin Flare dress
Satin Flare dress
Sale price$199.99
Maxi Linen Beige dressMaxi Linen Beige dress
Maxi Linen Beige dress
Sale price$139.99
Short Swish Wrap DressShort Swish Wrap Dress
Short Swish Wrap Dress
Sale price$184.50
Sewlip's Gift Card for Your Loved Ones
Sewlip's Gift Card for Your Loved Ones
Sale priceFrom $50.00
Silky Flare Cherry dressSilky Flare Cherry dress
Silky Flare Cherry dress
Sale price$199.99